At Mediq, we are guided and inspired by our vision to be the partner of choice to improve the outcomes and affordability of care for people living with chronic diseases. Our plans are ambitious and our people are driven. Each new day we ask ourselves: how can we provide even better and affordable care?

Our values describe and stimulate a long term vision on doing business, building trust and engaging in sustainable relationships. They allow us to lead boldly, and with an entrepreneurial spirit to provide healthcare solutions that offer the best outcomes and perspectives for all stakeholders in the patient journey.

By doing business in a responsible and sustainable way we are what we are today, a trusted partner to healthcare professionals, payors and patients. The foundation of our business principles is integrity: we do the right thing. We are open, forthright and consistent in our work. With everyone we interact with. We are honest about our intentions and accountable for everything we do. We put high expectations on ourselves to meet these principles. Our customers, business partners and the society in general have the same high expectations.

As a tool to meet these expectations and requirements, we have complemented our strong values with a Code of Conduct. It describes the key principles to ensure that we do the right thing in the right way. Always helped, of course, by a healthy dose of common sense. Together with our vision and values, the Code will guide our decisions and actions.

Please take the time to familiarize yourself with the Code. By working to the principles which it contains, we send a clear message to those we work with about the strength of our commitment to integrity and quality. If you ever have questions or concerns about the right thing to do, please contact me via or your manager.

Thank you for your commitment and support!

Arthur de Bok, CEO Mediq


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